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  • The perfect solution when wireless DMX with maximum reliability is needed!
  • Compatible with “Wireless Solution” W-DMX™ protocol.
  • Works seamlessly with Briteq WR-DMXG4 (4632) and WT-DMXG4 (4633)
  • One-button setup for ease of use.
  • Easy plug in on compatible projectors (USB A connector).
  • 2.4GHz band for worldwide license free use!
  • 32 bit ARM processor for high speed!
  • FHSS (1800 hops/s) for stable connection.
  • DMA transfer : virtually NO delay in DMX!
  • R&TTE certified !
  • Small antenna for better mechanical reliability
  • Range : +/-100m (without big obstacles)


59,00 €Prix