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  • Multi functional dimmer/switch pack equipped with 4 mains sockets (French Schuko)
  • Prepared for use with “low power” LED loads: works with loads down to only 10watt per channel.
  • Maximum output: 4x 1850W (Maxtot = 3450W/15A)
  • Thanks to the well designed 19” brackets the DSP-4 MK2 can be mounted in different ways:
    • Standard 19” rack mounting
    • Wall mount in fixed installations
    • Mounting under or inside ALU truss using clamps
  • Locking DMX in/outputs with POWER/DMX-present indicator
  • 5 Digit LED display with 4 buttons for easy menu navigation:
    • DMX address setting: each channel can have its own address
    • Each channel can be switched separately in dimmer or switch mode
    • Separate dimmer presets with memory function for each channel (no controller needed)
  • Mains power input with automatic 15A fuse
  • Individual channel 8A fuses
  • All channels equipped with 40A triacs for increased reliability


219,00 €Prix