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The ART Tube MP Studio V3 is a more sophisticated incarnation of previous, similarly styled ART valve preamps, and it has the same preset OPL (output protection limiter) settings and Variable Valve Voicing tonal enhancements used in ART's DPS II. Hybrid tube/solid-state circuitry is used, the dual-triode 12AX7 tube being run from a relatively low voltage. Mains power comes via an AC adaptor.

This preamp can accept mic-level signals, line signals, or high-impedance instrument signals on balanced XLRs or unbalanced jacks, while the output is available both on a balanced XLR and an unbalanced jack. A balanced output jack would have made more sense for connection to typical home-studio equipment. Up to 70dB of mic gain is available, and there's a clear, illuminated moving-coil VU meter to read the output level. Separate gain controls are fitted for the input and output, and there's a switchable 20dB gain boost, 48V phantom power, and phase reverse. A multi-colour LED shows that the unit is powered, as well as indicating clipping/limiting


99,00 €Prix